Kayne Kingwill founded Deltawater SA (Pty) Ltd in 2009.  Kayne is an Electrical and Mechanical Engineer. Since 2003, Kayne has been involved in the design of energy efficient systems as well as that of photovoltaic solar renewable energy systems.

In 2007, Deltawater introduced a magnetic water conditioner that “treats” water with the view of enhancing the quality of the water while at the same time drastically reducing the build up of scale in geysers, water pipes and evaporative coolers. This product complemented the focus on energy, as the result of its use is a reduction in scale formation and lower energy use in geysers and cooling equipment.

The business was adapted in 2008 to focus on energy consulting, which includes the designing of energy efficient solutions and the implementation of these solutions.

The cornerstone of the business is to design integrated solutions, on a turnkey basis, to address the issues of energy efficiency and the energy cost of ownership, while at the same time mitigating business risk such as energy availability and energy cost.

In 2014 Deltawater attracted more shareholders in an effort to grow the business and structure it for the future. The new approach and structure is now operating as KVM Green.  

KVM Green

KVM Green was established as a company that focuses on providing Energy Efficiency services to the Agricultural, Industrial and Residential sectors.

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