Somaliland factory electrical wiring - 2011

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Scope of Work

While I was in Somaliland I was contracted by the supplier (Bitron Maintenance) to help with the installation of electrical equipment and cabling that was supplied by them. This included all the cabling from the generators to the distribution board and to the various sub distribution boards these cables were then laid to the various supply points such as electrical plug points, lights, various generators and to the production line.

Bitron had to supply and install all the cableways needed for the cabling in the factory. They also had to install all the LED lights which were supplied by Deltawater SA. The whole factory complex was fitted with LED lights.

When Bitron’s supervisor came back to South Africa from time to time he asked me to take over his responsibilities on site.

Logistics for Somaliland Project

This must be one of the most undeveloped areas of Africa. We were flow to Somaliland in April 2010 to go to site and see what Somaliland had to offer in the way of equipment and services. It did not take long for us to realize that everything that we needed to make this project a success will have to shipped in the containers from South Africa. Not even the most basic nuts, bolts, cable ties, etc. were available in Somaliland.


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