Asanta Sana Game Reserve - Graaff Reinet - 2015

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Scope of Solar Poject:

To supply and install all solar equipment and LED lights for a refurbished farm house and guest flat at Asanta Sana and recommend energy efficient appliances for the farm house and guest flat.

Project Equipment Supplied:

  • 34 x 255 watt solar panels = 8670 watts
  • Steel structure for panels
  • 3 x 60A MPPT charge controller
  • 48 V  x 1660 amp/hr deep cycle batteries
  • 3x 4kw Inverter/charger
  • 55 x 6watt LED bulbs for house
  • 15 x 10 watt LED, surge protection
  • lightening protection
  • all wiring, cabling and trunking.

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