Alternative Energy Solutions Provider

KVM Green, a supplier of Solar PV, Irrigation and Energy Efficient Solutions since 2003.

At KVM Green, we pride ourselves with well-designed and workable “tailor-made” turnkey solutions that fit into your energy saving requirements. Our power saving solutions are extended to all Commercial Industries, the Agricultural Sector and to Residential properties.


To improve the effectiveness of our custom designed solar PV systems, we use a world renowned software package that gives accurate solar radiation figures per site in Africa.


Each solution is a turnkey solution, which encompasses design, procurement, construction, installation and monitoring. After which exceptional after sales service is provided to our client base.


We utilise a state of the art online power monitoring system that provides for early fault detection and power monitoring abilities.  As an ever improving company, this information is further utilised to improve accuracy of future designs, hence improving our client's energy efficiency.

Effective Solutions resulting in Reliable Efficient Energy Savings.

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